This is just damn crazy...i am trippin over this !!!
your mom is absolutely crazy...and she hung up too !!

I am absolutely taken aback by that...how could she say these things and expect you to even respect her?

You are responsible for the choices you make in life. Turning 50 and probably being in menopause makes for some rocky going. Your father is responsible for doing what he did on his own, you need to stop blaming your mother, she didn't have any more control than you did. If my husband had chosen to repeated try to kill himself, I probably would have thrown up my hands in despair too. What exactly did you want her to do? How was she supposed to stop him?

You will never know everything your father went through with your mother and your mother has deals of her own. and she's wants to bring everyone down around her. There is always reasons behind why the person took their life. I have read all the comments and people are saying that it's his fault and he is responsiable for taking his own life and nobody is to blame other then himself. I for one disagree with them on that. Yes the person killed themselves. Yes that may be true. But people also makes people do it. It is clear that your father had one hell of a life with your mother and you are dealing with it now. All the signs where there and your mom over looked them and never cared for that matter. I'm sorry for the lose of your father. sometimes it is a easy way out for the person. so they don't have to deal with all the Bullshit plus it seems your father couldn't deal with it any more and she was making him go nuts and people can do that. I wouldnt even talk to your mom. she isn't a mother to start with if shes acting like that. stay strong and your father is always with you.

You don't want to see a doctor because you are afraid that a doctor will see the truth about your mother and you. That's really what you need, to accept the truth about yourself, your mother and your choices and your life. Then you can move forward. Turn off the tv, turn off the computer and get out there and live your life.

Crazy message, your mom told you to drop dead?????? OMG forget about her and CALL THE POLICE!! holy @#$% also, i never saw the message, i don't want to!

Never call her again, If she calls you, change your number You don't need her in your life. You never will.

I'm sorry that you've had to deal with such an awful person. The things that she says about you - don't even consider - just consider the source. She will harm you if you let her.

you poor thing, What is the fight about, not that it matters, but WOW!!!

Sounds like you both have issues. I did listen to it, and it sounds like you both are playing games with each other. You aren't a child, you are a grown married woman. Either get counseling to learn to cope with your anger for your mother failing you, or let it go. Your mother isn't changing, you need to come to grips with that, and simply live your life. Your mother isn't responsible for your fathers death, he is. Put the blame where it lies.

Wow! She sounds crazy!! I feel sorry for you!

You are better off not having her in your life. She will make your life not happy. You don't need that. Life is too short!!

You need to distance yourself from mom, for your own sanity. Read books on self-esteem, and get the DVD on "Secrets" I thinks mom has problems, and a lot of baggage. You do not have to take it from her anymore. Love her from a distance, keep her in your prayer, You can change, you are in control of your life, so do not let anyone else have power over you. Don't let people steal your joy. Make yourself happy. You are in charge of your happiness.

When it comes to suicide, the only person guilty or responsible is the person who committed suicide not your mom.

I'm glad I don't have relatives like that, let alone a mother.
Sorry you lost your Dad in such tragic circumstances and that time will heal.

My goodness, what a horrible mother .... how could someone say such things to her own child?

Walk away from your mother, pet. It's clear that she's making her own hell while still alive. Don't let her make your life hell any longer than you have to.

I have a mother like that. I cope by realizing that just because someone reproduces they aren't necessarily a parent. I coped by raising my daughters differently. I cope by realizing that life is too short to concern myself with the drama my mother creates. I cope by understanding that the people who failed her in her childhood created the failed parent that I had to deal with. I cope by embracing that I do love my mother, no matter how she failed me. She's barely in my life, and that is by her choice and I'm ok with it. I broke the cycle with my daughters so I am secure in knowing that they will be a mother like I am, not like my mother. You need to stop doing the things you are doing, like putting personal business on the internet and engaging other people to do your dirty work and take responsibility for your part in this drama. Maybe your mother is right about some of the things she said. Perhaps you should consider that. I am a mother of 25yr old twin daughters!

Your Mother is a sick woman. I wouldn't call her anymore. I would change my number and just forget about her. First of all you need to create a life for yourself. You need to set some goals get a job, start taking classes and work toward a degree. If you have a job and go to school you will meet people and make friends.

I am unemployed this summer. I am a mentally healthy person but sitting around all summer without a job has made me depressed! I have to keep moving, and interacting with people, join a club, sports team, do volunteer work. But sitting alone in a room with nobody but you and your problems is a dangeous conbination.

Keep in mind there is a difference between short term depression and "clinical depression" Clinical depression is more severe and requires medication. If you have been identified as Bi-polar, that requires meds also. A little pep-me-up talk won't work in these situations. Start moving and setting some goals for yourself. Don't sit around and stew! Good Luck! Get Moving!

I am not a doctor, but, I can offer this information. The human body has its own chemical balance system and genetics play a big part in health. I had a lot of suicides in my family history and this depression is passed on through the genes. If it is passed to you through genetics, don't panic; you can get through this. Also, the human body goes through chemical changes 4-5 times in a life and everytime the body chemical changes, it can cause periods of depression and affect our thinking. Again, you can get through this. Without doctors or meds? Not sure, but, try some changes in your thoughts and behavior and if you are still having the same trouble, you might need to see someone. The morning thing is significant because when you wake in the morning the body is ready to accomplish something. If there is nothing planned to accomplish depression can set in. Change your routine. Wake up in the morning and plan on looking for a job, even if its only 1 application a day. Work is a great stress reliever. I don't know why your family disowned you, but, that is something to work on after you deal with your depression. As for no friends, try going to a church and praying for God's help He is your best friend always. Stay away from caffiene at night and don't eat too heavy before bed to get a good nights sleep. Alter your thinking. Tell yourself you can get through this. Be active in looking for a job, know you are a good person and have stength to do things. Find a way to make friends. Pray to only one who can help you - -God. If you continue feeling this way or the feeling gets worse, you need to see someone. Excercise is a good stress reliever too. I will pray for you. God bless you.

I would also seek counseling for yourself, because you need to learn to live without her and be ok with it.

Hey there... God bless you for wanting to work things out with your mother! In the bible it says, honor your mother and father so that thou days may be longer! God is definitely pleased...Now... i wish you'd print this out (your question and my answer) and give it to your mom. Maybe mail it to her... sometimes parents get very fed up with us and say things out of spite...but a mother's love never dies... she just needs to know you love her... and sometimes being in her face will prevent her from expressing her true feelings, vice versa! So write her a letter and attach it with this. In the letter be sure to tell her you love her. Don't bring up past times, but focus on future times. Let her know that you don't care about what's happened, but rather what will happen. Tell her you need her... and send her letters once a week. Sometimes send flowers, prayers, anything she likes, poems, etc... I can help you with some as well. Just e-mail me... I'll be praying and over time I do think she'll come around! :-) God bless you!

The bible also says do not provoke your children to anger I really dont know why you would want to continue a relationship with anyone who wishes those things on one of their own children. but honestly in the video,you didnt sound that upset by anything that she was saying, and if you did in fact call from someone elses phone and just make noises at her along with your tone at the end of the video.i really think that you feel the same about her ,you two have just let the battle go to far

If you even dare try and call her I will be very mad at you. No matter what you have done in the past that is not a good mother. your mom is a bitch. I am sorry. but I have no words to describe what i am feeling. I would never speak to my daughter this way no matter how bad she is. Your mom can say all these bad about you but if she does not like the way she raised you then she only has herself to blame because she raised you. the best you can do is forget this woman (as if she were human)!

In your darkest hours my friend, Pray to God, through Jesus,...to bring you up and out of this sadness...with God, all things are possible,..He is the Healer, the saver, most wonderful...and loves you so much....never lose faith..and you will never be alone again.....

Do you attend church at all? Sometimes even if you don't you can go talk to a ministrer/ preacher and as you get things off your mind, you begin a healing process.

You must have at least 2 friends? If not, make one that you can have a bond with and share your every day feelings with.

Get a tablet of paper and make a chart. One side all the negative and the other side "your" goals and positive feelings. Then, use the negative side one thing each day and begin to focus on how to make it positive.

DON'T TRY SUICIDE. You do realize that most people who try suicide end up laying in a bed somewhere in a vegatative state (basically dead) .... is that how you want to end your life? Laying in a bed not knowing anything and on a lot of drugs??

Get plenty of sunshine to boost endorphins (your body's natural anti-depressant and painkiller) and serotonin ("happy hormones"). Read up on bi-polar disorder, mood swings, manic-depressive behavior and the effects that brain chemicals can have on your mood, in order to better understand and deal with what's going on in your mind. Try to get involved in activities where you'll feel needed and feel good about being needed.

Actually, every psychiatrist I have ever seen, and that's a significant number, confirms that depression is heredity and if you have had a close family member commit suicide the odds that you will do the same thing are much higher. Please don't wait until you reach the point your father reached. From your own experience you know what a hateful and selfish that is. See a psychiatrist immediately. If you have a Primary Care Doctor he can refer you to one. Just do whatever you have to do to see a mental health specialist right away and good luck.

God bless love keep safe now and let your dad RIP

Suicide is something you do to yourself, nobody does it to you. Ignoring the 'signs' sounds like hindsite to me. Just because people 'attempt' doesn't mean they will go through it. Many people 'attempt' to gain attention. To take your own life doesn't make anything change or go away, you think he is not suffering on the other side? You think its all better there? no you will take your baggage with you.

Your Dad is still alive.. the soul is eternal. Maybe you can ask Dad for advice right now he can give you some it might not be a vision but there will be a sign of his remorse and prevent you from walking the same path. You might want to try counseling to remove the anger towards your Mother. Doesn't mean you have to hang out with her but you need to forgive her emotional problems.


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Bea said...

I agree, this person is very brave to post such a message, but remember that the daughter is at fault, as well as the mother to let what the daughter did get to her so much that she harbors such a hateful feeling for her first born daughter! BE FRIENDS AGAIN MOM AND DAUGHTER, it must be so, and then post another video of your reconcilliation and happiness as mom and daughter together again! Keep us posted on your progress and maybe you can post a good message from her from another time! BEST!

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tammer says ...
January 26, 2007

I would not speak to my children that way HOWEVER..........we dont know the situation. From what I heard, the daughter has mental issues, She accused the mother of killing her father WITH HER MIND. She had been prank calling , how long had this been going on....

It sounds like the mom is just at wits end. Seems as if the daughter has caused alot of problems and doesn't act responsible for her own actions.

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June Lander Says...

I agree with the lady above. But there are two sides to every story, although it is interesting to hear something like this when celebrity types are doing the same thing! This person is very brave to post this, and it only is bad for the daughter, not the mother, because the daughter's face is on screen, not the mother's, and the mother's name is NEVER mentioned, nor last name, but it's a good thing for anyone to listen to and LEARN FROM ONLY! It's not a bad blog, and helps us gain understanding into the fragile relationships between a mom and daughter!